[cdt-l] The Troll

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 12 12:48:34 CST 2007

from dickebird at gmail.com:
>> Knowing what I do about land issues in the West, if you 
>> can hike across New Mexico without trespassing and 
>> climbing under, over or through a thousand fences--you're 
>> road walking.

The person who actually believes it's impossible, e.g., to 
hike across New Mexico without trespassing on private 
property or walking roads is simply wrong. In fact, in many 
cases the corollary works the other way, that to avoid the 
easiest line of travel, along private, gated roads, one must 
seek a path of greater resistance by traveling cross-country 
around property lines. I'm speaking broadly, and not just 
about the Continental Divide.

Nor is it correct to assume that climbing over barbed wire 
fences is synonymous with trespassing. Stock fences run 
through public land with equal prevalence as private land, 
and boundary fences often separate sections of public land 
from one another. Unfortunately, trespassing doesn't occur 
on the convenient cues of fences or absences of roads, it 
simply happens when you do it. And yes, it's easy to 
trespass on private property in the West, but never let it 
be said that it's impossible not to do so on a long hike, or 
that doing so is a prerequisite for a genuine "experience" 
in the backcountry.

>> By hiking the Divide I can't think of any laws that I 
>> have broken.

I think I know where this sentiment comes from. But 
expectations are sometimes out of line with reality, and 
it's at these times that we most benefit from outside 
criticism. Trespass if you want to, but just know what 
you're doing, please, and reject self-delusion.

- blisterfree

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