[cdt-l] Soaking Food Instead of Cooking

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Sun Jan 14 23:19:07 CST 2007

Re Francis Tapon query

Sorry to be so late in responding to the thread (just got off a 2 week Wilderness First Responder course)
Re the soaking time, for couscous: it is less than one hour.  On Te Araroa, in New Zealand, besides the couscous, I ate cold instant potatoes.  Since I brought along a variety of my own spice mixes and other concoctions such as dried fruits for the breakfasts, peanut hearts, coconut chunks and dehydrated fish (doesn't need soaking), it wasn't nearly as dull as it sounds. I would recommend you simply buy stuff and experiment ~~go with whatever appeals to your palate.  I once cooked up a huge mash of brown & white rice, 6 different kinds of beans including black bean, added some spices and then dehydrated the whole mess and came up with something that resembled "dirt"( which is what I named it) that can be eaten dry or soaked~and it weights practically nothing.  I always carry some of it as my emergency backup now.  Try dehydrating canned jellied cranberry if you like chewy sweets that serve a dual purpose. Have fun!

Not too sure about that peanut butter jar cooker though...

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