[cdt-l] Tent pick for the CDT?

Kenneth E. Baldrey keneb at adaes.com
Mon Jan 15 09:53:51 CST 2007

We're not too equipment oriented on this list, probably just about any
ultralight tarptent or lightweight backpacking tent will work for the
CDT.  My personal favorite has been a Stephenson Warmlite with a big
awning I added for a couple of ounces. 

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         Just a couple weeks ago I decided to do it, to hit the CDT this
year with the F-Yeah troop. I can not wait. I wish the best to everyone
on the CDT this year!
     I'm looking into a new tent, wondering what has worked in the past
and what hasnt worked. I myself spent a Summer in CO, and know what
happens in CO at night in the Summer. Its a beautiful thing when your in
a cozy tent, and the rain and thunder pound the ground beneath you, the
lightning lights up the sky. Its amazing.
   But the tent I had in 2003 in CO was a Kelty Clark, which was a great
tent, but I have outgrown it, now that I'm 6'4" its hard to find a tent
thats not too cozy! It was also heavier than I want to carry now.
    On the PCT last Summer (from Mexico to Tahoe), I carried a heavy
mountain hardware tent. I need something lighter now. Everyone loved the
tarptents on the PCT but how well do they do in the rain?
     Any reccomendations would be great. Thanks much!!! --Shaggy Sticks,
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