[cdt-l] News from the Gila

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 15 16:22:19 CST 2007

This story is front-page news on CNN.


The article includes a link to a video report, which shows a 
Google Earth depiction of the location of Dorn's camp. 
Pausing the video while examining Google Earth on my 
desktop, the approx. location of the camp appears to be:

33 04 57 N  108 27 26 W

This is along the main fork of the Gila River, south and 
west of the Cliff Dwellings and well away from the CDTS 
route. Her camp appears to have been on the north side of 
the river, at an unnamed side canyon just east of Hidden 
Pasture Canyon. If the river were to rise here, the only 
practical option (other than waiting for the river to drop) 
would be to head up the side canyon, and bushwhack over to 
Turkey Creek, then follow trails east to the Cliff 
Dwellings, or head west to Mogollon Creek and out to Hwy 180 
south of Glenwood.

- blisterfree

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