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Shirley Maclaine.  She hiked the Camino de Santiago and then wrote a book about it.  It's a little out there but I enjoyed the book...she was harassed by reporters periodically so it doesn't surprise me that famous people don't hike...town stops could be crazy.  
  Incidently, when the book was published (not sure if she's still there) she resided at her ranch home in Abiquiu, NM.

Paul Magnanti <pmags at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Linda Ellerbee has been known to section hike the AT. 

In the postscript to "APPALACHIAN TRAIL: CALLING ME BACK TO THE HILLS" , Ellerbee mentions how she was on her annual section hike of the AT. At one of the shelters, she saw an elderly gentleman with older gear and hiking at a good clip. After a few questions, she realizes who it was: Earl Shaffer on his 50th anniversary thru-hike! 

Ellerbee asked a few more questions. As Earl was walking away, Ellerbee asked "What has been the hardest part of the trip?" 
Earl's reply? "Reporters and their questions!"

An article on Dean's hike of the LT: http://www.aldha.org/howdean.htm

Finally, I don't know of anyone "super famous" who has hiked a long trail. Anyone who is that famous probably does not want to be out that long to be honest! I can picture them doing a shorter trail (e.g. Long Trail, John Muir or the Colorado Trail). 

Maybe a famous, recently retired, athlete might do a long hike, probably supported. Maybe a Lance Armstrong type? He is doing the Leadville 100 (mountain bike race, not the run) this year... Probably as close as we'll get to a famous person doing the CDT! 
(Both the foot race and the mtb race go over part of the CT/CDT as well as Hope Pass..TWICE! :O )


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