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RICHARD MALLERY <dickebird at gmail.com> wrote:    ... It was actually so bizarre that I thought maybe I was on to something. Maybe the bootheel is really Area 51 and Area 51 is a decoy.   _____________________________________
  I think you hit the nail on the head when you connected the Gray Ranch with Area 51!  I, too, went through all the attempts to get permission to hike through the Animas Mountains, short of visiting the Gray Ranch...the road was washed out.  I was stone-walled just like you.
  I've been in the bootheel many times, either hiking or rockhounding.  One attempt at the CDT had me starting at Antelope Wells in the evening.  I hiked the road a few miles north and set up my tent behind some gravel bars as it was already dark.  The Border Station was long closed and there wasn't another soul out there.  As I laid down to sleep, the ground started shaking/vibrating and a low hum was heard.  This lasted all night!  It was as if some huge tunnel boring machines were under the ground.  I've never experienced anything like it!
  The next day was incredibly windy, although sunny.  As I hiked past Big Hachet Peak admiring the mountain, something glinted in the sun ABOVE the peak.  I stopped and watched and it happened again three times!  It looked just like a UFO!!!  It was a metallic saucer shaped craft.  I couldn't believe my eyes!!! (And no, I don't do drugs!)  I didn't get real far as my ankle started hurting so set up camp.  The next day was not windy and at first light, I watched a military plane come from the area west of the Animas near the ranch.  It went straight to Big Hachet Peak and scoured the mountain as if it were looking for something.  Then it would make a big circle back west over the Animas and back to the peak.  It searched every foot of that mountain, down every ravine.  It circled back to the Animas and back to the peak three times.  The last time, the pilot spotted me and flew real  low over my head.  I waved and took a picture of it.  I don't know what kind of plane it was,
 but it was not the usual border patrol planes.
  I talked with some of the residents of Hachita who all agreed that something real strange was going on down there.  They told me of seeing convoys of military vehicles down there in the middle of the night without there headlights on!  There are other stories but I think you get the picture.
  Based on my own conclusions, I think there is some covert military installation perhaps under the guise of the Gray Ranch.  A new, secret NORAD perhaps?  
  If you look at the trespassing issue and their vehement opposition to prying eyes, it would make better sense.  So, Mr. Bruce Ward, my personal opinion is that no amount of friendly, cooperative landowner relationship can ever be forged in this area.  I would welcome your efforts to prove me wrong however.
  La Zorra  
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