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Ginny & Jim Owen spiritbear2k at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 19 11:33:42 CST 2007

Treehugger wrote:
>You have a good point, and I don't want people to have to subscribe to yet
>another group.

But that's precisely what you're asking them to do.

>I like this one for the pure fact that the number of people
>hiking/have hiked the CDT is so small, we have a good way to reach more
>people, both past and present.

cdt-l is the greatest existing concentration of CDT knowledge available 
anywhere.  There are more thruhikers here than anywhere else in the known 
Universe.  And a Yahoo group offers .... what???
cdt-l has the community, the knowledge, the experience - and you want to go 
someplace else that doesn't offer all that - and can't help you?  Why?

>My reasoning for starting an 07 group is:
>1. Because I think the Yahoo groups have more utilities as far as file
>sharing and databases, etc. (For example, I was thinking of starting a
>database of the current year hopefuls, their trail names, where they live,
>their intended direction of travel, their email addresses and links to 

There are other solutions.  Several years ago the BLM wasn't allowed to post 
water info for the Wyoming desert.  I posted it on our website.  If you 
REALLY want a list of 2007 hikers available, you put the list together and 
I'll post it on spiriteaglehome.com. Then it's be available to everyone.

>2. Because I don't think the whole group cares/needs to hear all the 
>of this year's hike.

Hmm - who made you God that you should decide whether "the whole group 
cares/needs to hear all the details"?  What do you think all these people 
are on cdt-l for anyway?  If they didn't want to "hear all the details" they 
wouldn't be here.  Yeah - you irritated me with that one.

>If I think I can benefit from other peoples' knowledge,
>I can still post to the cdt-l.

You can only benefit from other people's knowledge if you're asking 
questions on cdt-l - or if you're reading what's written here.  Neither a 
Yahoo group nor a book nor backchannel email "conversations" with single 
thruhikers can give you what you'll get from cdt-l - IF you're willing to 
use the cdt-l communty.

>(For example, I don't think the whole cdt-l
>would care to be included in the aforementioned database.)

Why would the aforementioned database include everyone on cdt-l if it's a 
llisting of 2007 hikers?

>3. I imagined we could use the Yahoo group to stay in contact with each
>other while we are on the trail this summer.

You missed something here.  In nearly ALL the towns on the CDT, Internet 
access is through the library unless you're willing to pay for it (and most 
thruhikers aren't).  In Dillon, CO, for example, Internet access was $0.30 
per minute.  That was the most expensive we found, but you get the point.  
The libraries have a 30 minute limit - which means you'll have time to check 
your email and send one post.  So are you gonna send that post to cdt-l ---- 
or to the Yahoo group?  If you send it to cdt-l, then you'll be making a 
connection with both your fellow hikers on the trail and with the larger CDT 
community.  If you send it to the Yahoo group, you'll be making connection 
ONLY with the few hikers who are on the group.  I call that inconsiderate.

Why?  Because some of the things you "should" be reporting are trail 
conditions, fire information, and particularly, water source information for 
New Mexico and the Wyoming desert.  If that's going to a Yahoo group, then 
you'll have shut out a lot of people who have either an interest or a need 
to know it.  Like the section hikers, CDTA, CDTS, next years thruhikers, the 
BLM ... and the CDT community in general.

If you want to be part of the community then act like it.

>It is certainly not meant to replace, or compete with, this group.

But that's precisely what it would do.  And for no good reason.

>Does anyone else think it is redundant/unnecessary? I welcome your 

I don't just think - I know - it's "redundant/unnecessary" --- and 

Walk softly,

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something more. 

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