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I think it's about 23 miles between the two campsites, but I don't have the 
book handy so I'm not sure.

As to closing the trail - it depends on how bad the blowdowns are and how 
bad the erosion is.  They had a major storm last fall that caused a lot of 
erosion in the park (especially on the Going to the Sun Road).  It may have 
washed out the trail.

On the PCT they closed the trail near Deep Creek for a year after the big 
fire there because of washouts.



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>Last  autumn there was a huge fire that started at the camgpround at Red
>Eagle  Lake and spread over the next few weeks.  Both campgrounds at the 
>will be closed, even if the trail is open.  That means you will have  to go
>from Reynolds Creek to Atlantic Creek in one day.
>Which is how far?
>That's  if the trail is
>open at all.  They probably won't have had a chance  to work on it before 
>southbound hikers start the trail in  June.
>I realize the area got burnt but is that reason enough to close the  trail?
>I haven't heard of the PCT closing sections after fire.  But  then again, I
>wasn't paying attention.

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