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Since I really don't like carrying a lot of food, I'd resupply as often as  
possible along the trail. In 2002, following mostly the CDTS route, I used the  
following towns as food drops. 
** Possible short term resupply.  
Doc Campbell's
Pie Town
Ghost Ranch
Twin Lakes
Big Sandy (FedEx from Steamboat)
Old Faithful**
Mack's Inn
Benchmark (from Salmon)
I also mailed a bounce box to Grants, Charma, Copper  Mountain, Rawlins, 
Mack's Inn and Lincoln to pick up the new CDTS  guides and maps. 
Except for the first few, which were mailed from Albuquerque, the rest were  
mailed from the trail.  Some of the maps were mailed with food drops or  
separately to towns where I'd be buying.  
This year, going south, I'll most likely use the same basic strategy.but  
mail my Benchmark box from East Glacier when I 1st get there and FedEx my Big  
Sandy drop from Salmon.
Going north it's very possible to resupply in Old Faithful to Mack's Inn or  
Mack's Inn to Leadore.  Going south one could go from Leadore to Mack's  Inn, 
again skipping Lima.  
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