[cdt-l] OT- Great Divide Trail

Lisa Campbell northerncadence at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 22 19:29:28 CST 2007

Canadians are not commonly using denatured alcohol stoves. It is available 
in paint and hardware stores but these stores are often only in larger 
centres. to be safe, I'd mail it. I will check with our post offices to 
check on mailing substance restrictions and will let you know once I find 
out. I have not hiked the GDT, but have hiked the AT and PCT and live in 
Ontario; let me know if I can help or chase any info for you.

>I know some of you (i.e. Dickie Bird)  have hiked the GDT.  We're hoping to 
>do it this summer, if all goes well.  I have the guidebook and have looked 
>at Suge's site, but still have some questions:
>1.  Maps - the guidebook lists all the Topo maps, but there is a series of 
>Gemtrek maps that cover the Canadian National Parks.  Can they be used 
>instead of the topo maps? Which maps can we omit if we are using the 
>Gemtrek maps?  I read that the Gemtrek maps are more current than the topo 
>maps and it might be possible to save weight and money by using them, in 
>places.  I expect that in some places the topo maps will be necessary.
>2.  Anyone have maps for sale?  Do you know a good online source?
>3.  Resupply - is denatured alcohol available at the shops in Canada?  Can 
>we resupply as we go or will we need to do maildrops to The Crossing and 
>Field?  I assume we can buy what we need in Waterton, Blairmore/Coleman and 
>Jasper.  Did you take any zero days in town?  If so, where?  Did you do a 
>maildrop at Sunshine? How did that work for you?
>4.  Were you able to get the permits for Banff and Jasper when you were in 
>Waterton?  What is the advanced reservation cost?
>5.  Anyone go to Kakwa Lake or to an intermediate spot between Mt. Robson 
>and Kakwa Lake?  I'd like to hike in the Wilmore - but an 85 km walk-out 
>after 12 days in the backcountry doesn't seem very workable.
>6.  Any words of wisdom?
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