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Re:  Section Hikers.  "Dad" & "Mom"/Rob & Donna Mabry 'PCT'05  will be 
joining our group for an indefinite period at the start, going SOBO  from Canada.  
You can add them to your list.  Actually, we're all  "section hikers" until we 
take the final step to complete the  hike! 

I'll add  them to the next update.  
About definitions... (I probably shouldn't even start)  if you  want to call 
yourself a "section hiker" that's up to you, but the term is  limiting.  If I 
start, as a "thru-hiker",  I have every  intention on finishing the trail and 
if I don't think that way, half the  battle is lost.  On the otherhand, 
section hikers, for the most part,  already know they have no intentions of 
completing the trail in any given  year.
Neither one is better than the other, but there is a difference....
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