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I have to agree that the need to stay connected is stronger than in the past. In the last month of our CDT hike Marcia was wanting to apply for a job at Starbucks just so she could greet everyone with a "Good Morning". We started carrying a Pocketmail for the connection to aging mothers. Not directly, they won't use a computer, but through siblings who gave them feedback about our status. The connections mushroomed into many friends and arm-chair travelers.

I have been looking at alternatives to Pocketmail, also. I think it may be heavier than other alternatives and probably on its way out. (If only the new cell phone/hand helds ran on commonly available batteries.)  In a few years we probably will have all these portable electronic devices wrapped in a single small device. I hope it has a clip like the new iPod so I don't keep losing the darn thing. I think Cupcake's Blueberry keyboard may be a good answer for typing. We'll carry it when we need to enter data and leave it home at other times. Who knows where all this high tech stuff is going.

Be glad your pigeon flock is growing. It may soon be the lightest weight source of protein. They would just fly into camp each night. :)

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  Good replies all around, I thank each and every one of you for your take on stayin' connected while still getting lost in the middle of public-prop-nowhere. To me, (not an LDHer yet, but an avid backpacker around and along the NM and CO CDT,) it is the price I have to pay if I want to be able to get out and still placate the worried minds of ailing relatives, prgnant girlfriends, demanding bosses, and of course my own worries of their wellbeings. I've rented a satelite phone before, which I would recommend looking into for longer, deeper back country forrays. But for now, what more could we really NEED, other than a cell phone perhaps. On a related note, many of you like to write, Im sure, and have much to write about! If you are like me, you probably save pen and paper for sketching, and, prefering to type, would be interested in a portable word processor...which need not fold down bigger than a fat wallet, I would think. So used to typing am I, my pen in hand can no longer keep pace with my thoughts. Oh well, another toy to search for and then find room for, and hardly use...along with my camera, and now, my damned racing pigeon, who also has preganant girlfriends to worry about...
  See you out there!


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