[cdt-l] Snow Shoes & ice axe

dan kayser yoyodadio at msn.com
Mon Jan 29 13:07:41 CST 2007

First time on this list serve so I don't know what to expect.  I have been 
gathering information on thru hiking the CDT in 2009.  I have a few 
backpacking trips under my belt but nothing beyond a week.  I am planning to 
hike the CT this fall (late August/September).  My is do I need snow shoes 
and /or an ice axe?  Are they essential to hiking in the high country?  If 
so what is the best way to learn how to use this equipment as I don't have 
any experience with this equipment.  Also, if I need them what features do I 
need to look for?  Any information I can get would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks - Dan

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