[cdt-l] Alcohol Stove

Terry Norton terry.norton at msubulldogs.org
Mon Jul 2 20:32:37 CDT 2007


What was your stove type & configuration?  (Saying you used an
"alcohol stove" is about the same as saying your car has a gasoline
engine...V8,,,4 banger, etc.)  What type of alcohol did you use (HEET
which is pure Methyl alcohol, or denatured)?

What was your experience?

Personally, I use a pressurized design which works well at altitude.
I had to make one a little higher capacity since the water was colder
in the spring and fall.  Also, I typically add a few drops of water to
HEET to slow down the burn.  It takes a little longer (~ 1minute) but
the fuel burns a little more efficiently.  Finally, with the colder
water, I need to use a pot stand to reach boil with less fuel. Putting
the cold pot directly on the stove cooled off the alcohol too much,
and boiling seemed to take forever!


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