[cdt-l] Snow in San Juans, lost and found

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An alternative to the Knife Edge is to go down Trout Creek then back up to 
the Divide.  The distance is a little shorter than the CDT, but there is a 
2500' elevation loss and gain.  There were a lot of stream crossings which 
were a problem early season, but in July that shouldn't be such a problem.



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>Hi Treehuggin' Cowgirl,
>I have no real recent snowpack info to relay.  However, since you have the
>Wolf guidebook, you are certainly aware of the Knife Edge.  After you round
>the hairpin turn on the edge (going northbound), you are on the 
>side of a very steep slope.  Horse riders and backpackers, when faced with
>lingering snow (likely due to the north-facing slope), take a bypass 
>down to the right that goes down at least 1000 feet.  It should be pretty
>apparent as there is a rough cairn marking where you go down into the
>valley.  (The "official" CDTA/Westcliffe guidebook states that the slopes
>"have claimed the lives of several horses.  Horse parties would be wise to
>descend."  My book is the first edition, at least 10 yrs old, and one can
>see that a lot of improvements are in place since its writing so maybe it 
>not as bad as it sounds.  Still scary for those with fear of heights.
>Sorry I could not be more helpful.  Good luck!
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>I almost forgot!  Does anyone have a recent update on snow from Wolf Creek
>Pass to Spring Creek Pass.   Any real trouble spots I should avoid?
>Also, I found a camo gortex mens glove near the Chama Wilderness.  Any
>I lost a hammerless Smith and Wesson 38 pistol in the Ignacio Chavez.  I
>think it's probably way off the trail on a detour I had to take around a
>gate, but if anyone finds it, I'd sure like it back.
>Treehuggin' Cowgirl

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