[cdt-l] Bridger-Teton route notes

Francis Tapon ftapon at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 11 12:40:33 CDT 2007

Dear Jim Wolf: 

I didn't cut over to the Tetons via the Gunsight Pass, although it seemed doable. Having a designated, clear route to/from the Tetons would be quite beneficial.

I walked along Green River (heading west) and then broke away a few miles after it started heading south. I went west using the maze of forest service roads and trails that cut through the Gros Ventre. It was quite pleasant! 

I don't have the maps with me, so it's hard to describe how I went, but the route was quite doable. When I finish this hike, I hope to update my website with info on how, precisely, hikers can get to/from Jackson.

I also considered going by Mosquito Lake, but that would take me too far from Jackson, WY, unless you make a sharp southwest trajectory.

I encourage other CDTers to hike their own hike to/from the Tetons, because the national park is amazing. There's a way to go from the Tetons to Yellowstone with just a few miles of roadwalking. I don't know how the Tetons compare to the CDT route, but I hope to have an opinion on my return.

Also, I'm sorry that I missed many Sobos. I took the Butte route and seems that most have taken the Anaconda cut off. I may be able to catch up to the Sobos who are in the caboose of the Sobo train.

Happy trails,
Francis Tapon 

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