[cdt-l] Delmoe Junction to Lewis Junction (Butte to Ystone NP?)

Garret Christensen garretchristensen at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 11 17:22:12 CDT 2007

Hello All,
The Onion here, taking the afternoon off at a friend's cabin near West Yellowstone.  While hiking north through Yellowstone I read in the CDTS guides about a much shorter alternate from Delmoe Junction near Butte to Lewis Junction on the dogshead trail in Yellowstone park.  Does anybody have details on this route?  The guidebook says it saves 220 miles.  I'm sure it's not close to the divide or anything, but if it saves that many miles and makes it easy to hike straight north-south through Yellowstone, I think it might be neat to do southbound if my yo-yo attempt really happens, plus it might give me enough time to do the San Juans again, which would also be cool.  So has anybody done this route, know which maps I'd need, or even just know if there's a bunch of National Forest land between Butte and the Park where I could just string together a bunch of jeep roads? Also, obviously as I get further in my northbound hike I'll answer this question myself, but does this route
 miss a ton of cool stuff on the MT/ID border?

Garret (the Onion)

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