[cdt-l] So, here we are ....

Jim and/or Ginny Owen spiriteagle99 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 18 22:26:26 CDT 2007

in Coleman, Alberta, Canada.  And headed north again tomorrow morning.  Not 
with the truck,  but on foot again.

After our last update, we went to East Glacier, MT, prepped some resupply 
boxes and took them to Waterton in Canada to mail them.  If you're gonna 
mail food into the Canadian backcountry, it's better to mail it from Canada. 
  Otherwise Canadian Customs  - well, they've been known to hold boxes for 
weeks - or even months.  Some hikers have been caught like that.  It's not 
nice to get to Kananaskis and find that your reupply box isn't there.

While we were in Canada, we couldn't resist the temptation to go to 
Writing-on-Rock Provincial Park.  It has a fine set of petroglyphs and 
pictographs.  What we missed, though, until it was too late, was the 
Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump Provincial Park which reportedly has a 
wonderful exhibit re: the contrast in the life of the Plains Indians before 
and after the arrival of the white men.  Another day.

On our way back to East Glacier, we made a detour across the 
Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park - spectacular.  And the 
hiking was just as good as we remember from other visits to the Park.  Then 
it was back to East Glacier to leave the truck with Mark, stuff the packs 
and catch  the shuttle back to Waterton on July 11.  We got to Waterton 
about 3 pm and started hiking north.  It was a short day.  It was probably 
the last short day we'll have for some time to come.

One thing we previously learned about Canadian trails is that they don't 
believe in PCT-type switchbacks.  There's a LOT of straight-up-the-mountain 
trail.  And some of it is 
straight-up-and-straight-down-the-mountain-bushwhacking - no trail involved. 
  So far, the GDT ain't the CDT - and it bears no resemblance at all to the 

In any case, we survived the first week, I imagine we'll survive the second 
week.  But let's not predict that kind of thing too far in advance <g>

At present , we're at A Safe Haven B&B in Coleman.  And it's just great.  
Anyone heading for the GDT should REALLY make sure you stop here.  The 
owners are super people - and  you don't want to miss their hiker special.

Walk softly - we'll see some of you at the Gathering,
Jim & Ginny


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