[cdt-l] re bicycles

Caleb Ewing cal_ewing at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 23:03:24 CDT 2007

I have never taken a bicycle into the mountains, but i will admit to a kinship with those
who have. This wasn't much on my mind when I got punched through by a mountain bike
outside of Vail, but the feeling returned. Bicycles are intelligent: they reflect well on
humans and are a darn fine way to get around. Like with windmills -those ugly, bird
thrashing monsters of the plains- I see in bicycles signs of hope, of human fitness to
inhabit the planet. In terms of impact, the trail itself is an impact. From the point of
view of a big old bristlecone pine, there's probably not a dimes worth of difference
between horses or humans or bikes. It's all impact, mostly low-grade, but ever

Keep the cows out and the ATV's. But beyond that, for the purists who can't stand the
sight of human impact, you might consider staying home next time. The pine trees will
thank you. And while you're at it, if you really want to do good for the mountains, you
might consider selling your 1.8 cars and switching to a vegan diet. Those old pine trees
are suffering more than you realize. Could you do that? Why not? It makes sense to me.
Work down in order of magnitude and eventually you'll arrive at the problem of bicycles
on the trails.  

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