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Wed Jul 18 23:51:31 CDT 2007


This is Wednesday, July 18.? We are at the Holiday Inn in Helena tonight, and will be at Budget Inn Express tomorrow and Friday nights.

Today we completed our (wildly successful) first installment of our CDT section hike--just over 300 miles from the Canada border to MacDonald Pass in 17 hiking days, July 2 - July 18.? We finished ahead of schedule, so will spend a couple of days here in Helena.? We have flight reservations out of HLN on July 21.? Gutsy is headed to Fairbanks for 2 weeks, and I go back to SC.

I'm sorry we did not bump into each other out there.? We did meet a good number of hikers.? In the last few days, we met Daybreak, a section hiker, Sly and Hawkeye, thru hikers, and Francis Tapon, yo-yo hiker.? Earlier, Wildflower, Scarlet, U-Haul,?Izzy and Buzz (I think), Basmati, and Hmmm.

Yesterday was our big day, with 28 tough miles from?Stemple Pass to?Dana Spring.? Hiked down off the 8150' high point of the day and pitched the tent just before?a thunderstorm hit.? Today we did Dana Spring to MacDonald Pass.

We plan to get together with Sly and Sloetoe here in Helena Thursday or Friday.

We are exhausted and happy.


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