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Thanks Mags, great to see you and I appreciate your efforts at being an
"ambassador" for our efforts. Have a great day and I'll check out Ali
Baba's next time I'm in Boulder.  

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A quick report on the recent CDTA Trail Fest in Buena Vista, CO:

Three of us drove from Boulder, CO (including Mike d-low) Thurs night
up to  BV for the annual CDTA Trail Fest.

Trail Fest is a celebration of the CDT. During the weekend there are
information booths, guided trips and (the main reason why I went) trail
work projects.

The project the three of us drove up for  was constructing some new
tread at Cottonwood Pass.  The day was overcast and many of us were
wondering it was going to rain while we were working. Luckily it did

The day involved moving rocks (lots of rocks! :D), constructing the
tread and of course enjoying the views. Even with an overcast day you
can't help but enjoy the views from the divide.

Late afternoon we all packed up, drove to the main campsite, enjoyed
dinner and sat around the campfire and enjoying the good company.
Besides enjoying the incredible scenery you meet some really nice people
on these projects, too.  

The rain finally came down at night..but is there anything more relaxing
than listening to rain on a tent? 

The following day (Saturday) was a free day, if you will, for the
volunteers. A few went on guided trips, so worked at the trail fest
itself down in BV, a good chunk of us from the Cottonwood project spent
the day constructing new tread near Interlaken on the CDT/CT.  The new
tread will be off the road and around Twin Lakes.  All of  us busted out
the trail early and I must say it came out rather well. 

We drove back to the fest, treated ourselves to some beer (yay! beer!),
had some food at "Taste of the Trail", enjoyed the music and more good
conversation.  Later the evening, quite a few us enjoyed some soaking at
Cottonwood Springs. Ahhhhh....

Sunday morning we drove up to Cottonwood Pass for a last day on the
project. Could not have asked for a more glorious day. Sunny, views
extending well down the divide and was much better than the view I get
from my desk!   By the end of the day, we all had constructed ~2000' of
new trail. Combine that with the work from Saturday and it was a
productive weekend.

We all drove back to Boulder, had some awesome Lebanese food in Golden
(Ali Baba's Grill..one friend from Israel and another from Iran swear by
this place. Best humus around) and I put off my least favorite part of
any trip until yesterday: UNPACKING! Blecch..... Damp gear, sweat soaked
clothes and shoes that need to be aired out..well, enough said. :)

It was an extremely enjoyable weekend. 

Some pics from the weekend (almost all from Cottonwood Pass area):

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