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Hey Paul, 

Hope you're not tired of my asking....but may I
please use some/all of this report for the
newsletter? (Photos, too?) (How much I use will
depend upon how much space I have in the upcoming


PS - the summer issue - with your Colin Fletcher
piece - should be there in your mailbox very,
very soon. 

--- Paul Magnanti <pmags at yahoo.com> wrote:

> A quick report on the recent CDTA Trail Fest in
> Buena Vista, CO:
> Three of us drove from Boulder, CO (including
> Mike d-low) Thurs night  up to  BV for the
> annual CDTA Trail Fest.
> Trail Fest is a celebration of the CDT. During
> the weekend there are information booths,
> guided trips and (the main reason why I went)
> trail work projects.
> The project the three of us drove up for  was
> constructing some new tread at Cottonwood Pass.
>  The day was overcast and many of us were
> wondering it was going to rain while we were
> working. Luckily it did not.
> The day involved moving rocks (lots of rocks!
> :D), constructing the tread and of course
> enjoying the views. Even with an overcast day
> you can't help but enjoy the views from the
> divide.
> Late afternoon we all packed up, drove to the
> main campsite, enjoyed dinner and sat around
> the campfire and enjoying the good company.
> Besides enjoying the incredible scenery you
> meet some really nice people on these projects,
> too.  
> The rain finally came down at night..but is
> there anything more relaxing than listening to
> rain on a tent? 
> The following day (Saturday) was a free day, if
> you will, for the volunteers. A few went on
> guided trips, so worked at the trail fest
> itself down in BV, a good chunk of us from the
> Cottonwood project spent the day constructing
> new tread near Interlaken on the CDT/CT.  The
> new tread will be off the road and around Twin
> Lakes.  All of  us busted out the trail early
> and I must say it came out rather well. 
> We drove back to the fest, treated ourselves to
> some beer (yay! beer!), had some food at "Taste
> of the Trail", enjoyed the music and more good
> conversation.  Later the evening, quite a few
> us enjoyed some soaking at Cottonwood Springs.
> Ahhhhh....
> Sunday morning we drove up to Cottonwood Pass
> for a last day on the project. Could not have
> asked for a more glorious day. Sunny, views
> extending well down the divide and was much
> better than the view I get from my desk!   By
> the end of the day, we all had constructed
> ~2000' of new trail. Combine that with the work
> from Saturday and it was a productive weekend.
> We all drove back to Boulder, had some awesome
> Lebanese food in Golden (Ali Baba's Grill..one
> friend from Israel and another from Iran swear
> by this place. Best humus around) and I put off
> my least favorite part of any trip until
> yesterday: UNPACKING! Blecch..... Damp gear,
> sweat soaked clothes and shoes that need to be
> aired out..well, enough said. :)
> It was an extremely enjoyable weekend. 
> Some pics from the weekend (almost all from
> Cottonwood Pass area):
> http://tinyurl.com/yu7umw
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