[cdt-l] Area Closures affecting the CDNST in the Lewis & Clark and Flathead National Forests

Greg Warren gwarren at fs.fed.us
Sun Jul 29 17:34:28 CDT 2007

Update to Area and Trail Closures Affecting the CDNST between Highway 2 and
Highway 200 in Montana (Flathead, Lewis and Clark, and Helena National

July 29, 2007

 Fire closures on the Lewis and Clark and Flathead National Forests
 prohibit access to a large segment of the Continental Divide National
 Scenic Trail (CDNST) through the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The southern
 CDNST closure starts on the Straight Creek Trail #212 near Green Fork
 Cabin on the south and stretches to the East Fork of Strawberry Creek
 (Trail 371 to Sabido Cabin) on the north. The closures are signed well on
 the ground, and maps of an alternate route around the closure to the east
 are available at Green Fork Cabin on the south end of the closure and the
 Badger Cabin at the north end of the closure.  The Benchmark area, a
 common food restock point along the CDNST, is in this closure area, and
 people planning on re-stocking there need to make alternate arrangements.
 A map of the closure area is posted at

 A new closure has also gone into effect for the northern portion of the
 Badger-Two Medicine area of the Lewis and Clark National Forest due to
 activity on the Skyland Fire currently burning near the Continental Divide
 on the Flathead National Forest.  This closure starts north of Badger
 Cabin at Trail 102-A and stretches to Highway 2, meaning travellers along
 the CDNST cannot travel along Trails 101, 137, and 133 to reach Highway 2.
 No alternate route has yet been developed around this closure.  Hikers
 should consider either leaving the trail near Swift Reservoir, or
 developing, in conjunction with the Hungry Horse Ranger District on the
 Flathead NF (406-387-3800), a route west around the closure area.  A map
 of this recent closure is posted at http://www.inciweb.org/incident/877/

 CDNST users are encouraged to contact the Rocky Mountain Ranger District,
 Spotted Bear Ranger District, Hungry Horse Ranger District, and also the
 Helena National Forest prior to entering the Northern Rockies portion of
 the CDNST. Contact the U. S. Forest Service at the numbers listed below.
 Also keep up-to-date on trail and related closures related to Ahorn, Fool
 Creek, Conger, and Skyland fires at www.inciweb.org.  Please remember to
 check with the local Forest Service offices regarding restrictions on use
 of campfires and related fire-restriction information before entering an

Contact numbers for information on the area are as follows:
      Rocky Mountain Ranger District, Lewis & Clark NF - 406-466-5341
      Spotted Bear Ranger District, Flathead NF - (406) 758-5376
      Hungry Horse/Glacier View RD, FNF - (406) 387-3800
Fire Information Numbers for the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex area:
      Ahorn Fire Information - (406) 562-3922
      Fool Creek WFU Fire Information - (406) 466-3560
      Skyland Fire Information - (406) 226-4333
      Conger Fire Information (Lolo NF, west of the CDNST) - (406) 677-3909

Kelsey McCartney
Lewis & Clark National Forest
466-562-3247 (Ahorn Fire Information)

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