[cdt-l] Prohibited items AMTRAK

Margarete Hochhut hochhut at web.de
Fri Jun 1 09:22:49 CDT 2007

Chris G wrote:

>there are prohibited items for carry-on and checked
>luggage on Amtrak. This includes ice axes and
>flammables (I guess this includes gas cannisters).

I see already the newspapers headline:

"CDT-Thru-Hiker hijacked Train !
A German Valkyrie armed with hiking poles, ice axes, pocket knife and a 125ml snow peak gas cannister took command over an AMTRAK Train that runs north to a spot near the CDT trailhead. The demand is: "Free transport to trailhead" otherwise the staff of the train will be compelled to eat her trailfood."

Dear Chris aka GT = German TOURIST (PCT Class 05),
not, I emphasize N.O.T German TERRORIST 

please, don't do it.

Have a good hike
Rita, Frankfurt,GER   ;-)

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