[cdt-l] Called Amtrak....Sobos Take Note

Karen Somers kborski at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 22:50:31 CDT 2007

This list has once again helped me.....I just got off
the phone with Amtrak.  After getting so much advice
to just pack the ice axes, bear spray, etc. and check
it on the train, even though the rules are pretty
clear, I decided to call and get an answer from Amtrak

All you seasoned travelers are correct (this will be
my first time on a train ever!).  

The Amtrak representative said, "technically /
officially, no items that resemble weapons, or could
be used as such, are allowed, nor are any flammable
substances.....however, if you pack them in a checked
bag and are not conspicuous, no one (at Amtrak) is
going to go through your bags."

So, that saves me $40 or so, and it saves everyone who
I have worried from worrying any further.  I'm going
to pack everything up real tight and check it, instead
of shipping it to E Glacier.


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