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Anitra Kass at_anitra at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 23:35:53 CDT 2007

  Are you hiking this summer?  I had no idea.  I hope to run into you out there so you can tell me all about the highline route as I will be starting much earlier than you and taking the low but nice Belly River route.  Happy Trails,
  p.s. I am not trying to hijack your thread to Francis...I was just happy to see that you were going to be out there this summer.  I look forward to running into and meeting Francis as well...twice!

jon stewart <raincloudtreefarm at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Congratulations Francis!

You are making phenomenal progress!  Based on your rate of travel, I have decided to start hiking south from Waterton about July 1 in the hopes of meeting you twice along the trail, once when you are heading north and again when you rush by me on your southward push to the Mexican border.  By that time I might be in good enough shape to keep up with you for a couple days.

I just returned from Canada after a month's bear hunt with some Danish hunters.   I do hope indirectly participating in the killing of four black bears hasn't hindered my bear karma.  It sounds like the grizzes in and around Banff aren't taking too kindly to hikers so watch yourself.  I would even encourage you to add a few ounces of bear spray to your gear after Yellowstone.  I have been reading an excellent book called Walking the Wild about a Canadian biologist who walked from Yellowstone to the Yukon a couple years back.  What he discovered in this 2000 mile hike is that urbanization, particularly the gentrification of Montana's large ranches into trophy homes, has forced the grizzlies to leave their traditional haunts in the valley bottoms and use the ridgetops where the CDT runs as travel routes between feeding areas.  This dramatically increases our chances of meeting foraging grizzes along this 750 mile stretch of trail.

After again seeing Mr Big's footprints in the Canadian Chilcotin (see attached photo of my size 12 boot next to one bear print), I have developed a deep respect for these monsters left over from the last ice age.   They are not the benign human adapted black bears of the PCT or Appalacian Trail, but a totally different genius that is being forced to confront hikers because they are rapidly loosing their traditional lowland habitat to uncontrolled urbanization in Idaho and Montana. 

Studying language tapes and talking aloud may not prove a totally effective stragegy.  A little backup in pepper spray and a couple of bangers might provide a higher level of protection given your increased chance of running into one of these monsters next month.

Again, congratualations on your impressive rush northward.  Hope to see you swatting mosquitoes somewhere in Montana this July.



Francis Tapon <ftapon at yahoo.com> wrote:          
  Jonathan Ley's map says that the CO-WY border is not well marked for the Sobos. He's right, but I created a large cairn that's hard to miss. I'm not a geologist, so I can't say what type of rock I used, but it's a pinkish rock, so it's easy to see.
  Ley's map advises folks to "whoop it up" when they cross the border. 
  Someone wrote the words "WHOOP" with rocks right next to the border, in honor of Ley's suggestion.
  Good advice!
  Francis Tapon 


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