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Sanne aka Ready readyhiker at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 3 10:40:22 CDT 2007


This list is a self-maintained list; that is, the
subscribers do the subscribing and unsubscribing,
themselves. Fortunately, doing this is quite

Click on the link to the site:


(It's at the bottom of each and every email you
receive from the list.)

After you've linked to the site, scroll to the
very bottom of the page and click on the
Unsubscribe Information and follow the
instructions for removing yourself from the list.
You have options to fully unsubscribe, receive
all emails as they come, receive emails in
digest-form, or to receive no emails at all, but
remain a member with ability to access the list
whenever you want.

It really is a great list and all of us are glad
you were a part of it. Happy trails, whichever
option you choose!

(just another lister, no "official" admin.

--- Trail Walker <trailwalker56 at msn.com> wrote:

> Please take me (
> trailwalker56 at msn.com<about:blank> ) off the
> mailing list for now.  You have created a great
> mailing list and I enjoyed it very much. Thank
> you!  However, I don't have enough time to keep
> up with it for now.
> Best regards,
> Tom >
> cdt-l mailing list
> cdt-l at backcountry.net
> http://mailman.hack.net/mailman/listinfo/cdt-l

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