[cdt-l] Start dates

clint at riseup.net clint at riseup.net
Sun Jun 3 14:28:06 CDT 2007


I'm still on the fence with this one, even though THE DAY approaches soon.
I originally planned on a late June start so I could avoid the snow up
north, but levels look pretty low, so I'm thinking about starting the 15th
as well. Maybe the 16th. Whatever! I'm taking Amtrak from Portland Oregon
and will most likely spend the night at the hostel and absorb as much info
as I can to determine the best route. Locals should know about the
Highline trail conditions, right?

As far as where I'm starting, I'll decide that when I get there. I have no
passport, just an ID and birth certificate, so we'll see what Canadian
border patrol has to say about that. I speak with a northern accent, so
maybe they'll let me in. I'm also prepared to use jelly doughnuts for a

To deter bear attacks, I'm starting my hike wearing a giant panda costume.
Figured the unfamiliar color markings would cause ol' Grizz to leave me
alone. So SOBO's, don't pepper spray the big black and white plush bear, I
won't touch your food bags.


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