[cdt-l] Start dates

Sam Haraldson samh at samh.net
Mon Jun 4 13:13:36 CDT 2007

>    1. Start dates (clint at riseup.net)

Glacier is never "closed" but campsites are put under "winter status"
when there's snow on the ground.  If you exhibit yourselves as
prepared and educated you can travel and camp in the high country
before the areas "open" for summer camping.

If you can't get into Canada to start at Waterton, start at Chief
Mountain.  This gives you the opportunity to travel over Stoney Indian
Pass, which in my opinion is one of the most gorgeous passes in the
whole of Glacier.

I'm starting my thru-hike (of a different trail than y'all - the PNT)
on June 21st.  If anyone is starting that late, let me know and we
could hike together for the first day (as I'll be heading west whilst
you go south).

- sam_h

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