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Mon Jun 4 17:59:14 CDT 2007

--- jon stewart <raincloudtreefarm at yahoo.com>

><SNIP> I have been reading an excellent book
called Walking the Wild about a Canadian
biologist who walked from Yellowstone to the
Yukon a couple years back. What he discovered in
this 2000 mile hike is <SNIP> dramatically
increases our chances of meeting foraging grizzes
along this 750 mile stretch of trail.>

At first, I thought Jon was talking about Walkin'
Jim Stoltz, who wrote the book, "Walking with the
Wild Wind." I know he's neither Canadian nor a
biologist, but I also thought that he was the
only person to have hiked Y to Y and written a
[wonderful] book (not about the Y2Y, but about a
hike in his home state of Montana). He IS an
extraordinary hiker, conservationist, writer,
musician and human being, however! (His website,
featuring his music and information about
conservation efforts is:

A little digging around let me see that Jim is
not the only one to have hiked the Y2Y; it was
done by Canadian biologist, Karsten Heuer, who
indeed wrote a book called, "Walking the Big
Wild: From Yellowstone to the Yukon on the
Grizzly Bears' Trail." He and his wife have a
wonderful website called "Necessary Journeys" at:
Gonna have to add this book to my summer reading


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