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James McCreight jlmccreight at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 10:21:52 CDT 2007

Hey All-

Gotten kinda a late jump on this email this year. But if you are a CDT hiker
and want to come to Boulder, CO on your way by, please drop me a line and
I'll help you out. There's a strong contingent of thru hikers here, so we
can show you a good time!!

There are 2 ways to get here.
>From the south: just north of rollins pass, at devils thumb, go east to
Hessie TH instead of west to high lonesome trail.
>From the north: just south of monarch lake, its marked on my map as the
Junco Lake TH, go east towards santana peak, over caribou pass, over
arapahoe pass and down to 4th of July TH.

These trailheads are on the same road that leads down to Nederland, CO. They
are very busy and you should be able to get a ride down to Ned and/or
Boulder quickly on any day, esp as the summer wears on.

My number is 720 323 0680. I'll be happy to take you back up to the TH. Just
call to make sure I'm in town... preferably from silverthorne or grand lake.
you can just show up too.

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