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Subject: [cdt-l] South Pass City
Considering doing an out-and-back on the CDT near South Pass City this
coming weekend and don't know the area very well.  Will be driving out there
and would need a safe place to leave a car.

Appreciate any assistance available   ...

Thanks in advance,


Hi Slogger

We passed though the area a couple of weeks ago, and the actual town of
South Pass City, WY (with a population of "about 7") has a fine parking lot
right by the entrance to the museum town. It looked safe and good (and
free) to us.

You probably know the area better than we do, but we just thought we'd let
you know that all our three days in nearby Lander, WY saw some serious
thunderstorms on the Divide from already (before) noon, and driving over the
pass northbound we had a good amount of rain and hail. Take care and have a
great trip;

Mads Pihl
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