[cdt-l] Great Divide Basin water report

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Mon Jun 18 13:34:18 CDT 2007

Hi All,

Given my aversion for hiking in snow, I skipped north to Wyoming to hike from Rawlins to South Pass City for a few days.

Following are my water observations along the route from south to north. I have included a few LAT/LON locations. (WGS84 datum)

Most of these sources are unprotected surface water in cattle country.  My motto is "Treat and Live."   

It would be cool if other hikers updated this list when they notice a change.

Week of June 10:

Fish Pond Spring
N41.92482, W107.32051
Look for turned up culvert inside fenced area, Good flow

Bull Spring & Solar Well
N42.07480, W107.52926 (well)
The cistern for the well had plenty of clear, sweet water.  Great camping on the grassy area adjacent to well.  I didn't check thw spring. Both are clearly visible from the road. 

Stewart solar well
N42.14080, W107.58762
Divide solar well
N42.15976, W107.62418
Both wells are non-operational (no solar panels)

A&M Reservoir
N42.23651, W107.70325
Reservoir has plenty of clear lake water

Cooks Creek
N42.31250, W107.84006
Creek has small flow and pool at this point, cattle contaminated, didn't find the barrel/spring

Spring at West Fork
N42.33358, W107.86679
Nice pool & flow, better than water at Crooks Creek

Brenton Springs
N42.35041, W107.92167
Flowing, fenced, nice!

Magpie Creek
Bone dry

Crooks Reservoir Spring
N42.38331, W107.94325
The spring pool is about 20 feet downhill from road/trail. Nice, clear pool

West Arapahoe Creek
N42.38381, W10794994
Small flow & pools, clear

Unnamed Creek
N42.38549, W107.95783
Small pools, no flow

Haypress Reservoirs
N42.39081, W108.01095
Plenty of clear water (I could see the bottom).

Freemont Reservoir
N42.40118, W108.14392
Muddy, not fresh

Alkali Creek 
Coyote Lake
Dry, dry, dry

State Reservoir
N42.40445, W108.17979
Plenty of water, clear with a slight amber color, slight metalic taste

Coyote Gulch
N 42.37535, W108.26686
Plenty of pools of water, creek may be flowing (didn't check out closely)

Upper Mormon Spring
N42.39258, W108.47068
Plenty of clear, cold water, but no visible flow.  Not fenced.

Harris Slough
N42.39025, W108.59107
Lots of green, algae water

Sweetwater River
Ah! A wonderful river.

Willow Creek (Ley Map WY23, Purple route)
N42.4255, W108.65991
Nice creek flow, good camping on the southern bank

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