[cdt-l] CDT notes

Ginny & Jim Owen spiritbear2k at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 19 23:09:18 CDT 2007

We've been crossing the CDT on a regular basis lately.  So --- just a couple 
notes about what we've found.

At Twin Lakes, the cafe opens at noon.  We went there for breakfast last 
year but that apparently won't work this year.  The Nordic Inn is erratic 
(according to the postmistress).  The stream at Twin Lakes is high - best 
advice from us is to take the Willis Gulch Trail to the bridge a mile west 
of Twin Lakes.  Much better than trying to ford the mess where the maps 
indicate the trail to be.

We also met a thruhiker (Tarn) at the Twin Lakes store.

The improved water situation in the Great Basin is no surprise to us - we 
were in Rock Springs (100 miles west of the CDT) a couple weeks ago and the 
ranchers over there were very happy - it's the first time in years that 
they've had a good snow year and enough rain.  The hills were green and 
lush. That translates to much better water sources in the Great Basin.

Walk softly,


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