[cdt-l] Digital camera ideas?

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Look into any PANASONIC LUMIX LENSED Digital cams, the lense is great, (no view finder on either of our two,) but just a brilliant 6mp camera...I recommend to everyone...Best of luck and I LOVE the book

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My digital camera has croaked. A shame, the only thing wrong with it is
the button. No parts are available as the camera is discontinued. My
local camera shop was told by Olympus it would cost ~$150 to fix. :O

Looking at prices, I can find newer cameras in the price range.

So I am now in the market for a camera. I am looking for a point and shoot 
camera. Preferably with the following criteria:

-I have many xD cards, so Olympus or Fujitsu is preferred

-Runs on AA batteries 

-The last one is a toughy: I prefer an optical viewfinder as it is how I take 
pictures AND it saves battery life

Any suggestions? Price range no more than $200-$250

Many thanks fellow hikers!

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