[cdt-l] PCT Class of 2004

John Manning pctjohnbadger at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 21 04:40:57 CDT 2007

Well, the longest day of summer's here and 2007's
proven to be another year when  I won't be hiking the

Keen to hear how friends from the PCT Class of 2004
get on tho'... do any post/lurk here, and if so can
they perhaps post details of where to follow their

My own hiking activities this summer have already
included the TGO Challenge (an organised coast to
coast backpacking event across Scotland, 200
wild-miles in 2 weeks; plan your own route - details
can be supplied for the 2008 event if anyone's
interested) and in August my partner and another
Yorkshire pal and I will be on the John Muir Trail.

Anyhow, Steady Snr, German Tourist, et al
 let me know
how to know how you're getting on!

And happy hiking!

Crazy John, UK

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