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We hiked the Colorado Trail in 2000 from Denver the Durango and went over 
Hope Pass, it is beautiful.  We caught a ride out of Twin lakes to the down 
stream end of the lakes and crossed at the dam and hike back up the far side 
of the lake.  Long way around but it worked.

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> Hi folks
> I also will be in Colorado (later this summer,
> mid-August through Labor Day) and wondered if anyone
> had some info.
> I'll be starting my section in Twin Lakes. Jonathan, I
> wondered exactly where you find the trail marked on
> your maps that involves the water crossing. Ginny and
> Joe reported that at this time, the water is high. Of
> course, August may be totally different. I guess I
> also have the option of the Willis Gulch Trail.
> Have you done the Wolf alternate route? Has anyone out
> there on the list done it recently? I had considered
> it, but pretty much decided to do Hope Pass (Ginny
> also highly recommended Hope Pass).
> Other stuff: I'm exploring ways to get down to Twin
> Lakes. Unfortunately, my timing is bad for the
> Leadville Hostel/shuttle option. There is apparently a
> foot race (possibly on the CDT) the weekend just after
> I arrive. Bill is full with racers, and can't do
> shuttles either. So, I'm staying in Twin Lakes at the
> wonderful Road House Lodge (which no one ever mentions
> - it's wonderful, I stayed there when I ended my CO
> section last time. It's pricey compared to the hostel,
> of course). Getting there is the big hassle.
> I fly into Denver. Dee Hive has a very expensive
> shuttle, which I may have to do. I have been exploring
> rental cars - but haven't figured out the nearest
> place to get rid of the car. Won't work if it's too
> far away. Still researching that option. I'd only need
> it to get down there.
> Bus is probably not an option. Greyhound only goes to
> Frisco, right? I'll double check Greyhound, though.
> Any advice for return to Denver is also appreciated. I
> plan to end either in Creede or just past at Spring
> Ck. Pass, so will go into Lake City, I guess. Gunnison
> Airport does have car rentals, but are there any other
> options from Lake City that anyone knows about?
> Oh, does anyone know about the other trail leading
> to/from Creede other than the 10 mile one from San
> Luis Pass? I was looking at the Trails Illus. map and
> there seems to be another trail (Miners Ck trail?-
> can't remember the name, no map handy just now...)
> that one could use to get back to the CDT from Creede?
> Just looking for other options, don't necessarily want
> to re-hike the same trail if I can do something else.
> Can't wait to get out there.
> Melanie
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