[cdt-l] CDT - Gros Ventre notes

Jeff Braun jbraun at vizsolutions.com
Thu Jun 28 23:17:48 CDT 2007

At 12:01 AM 6/28/2007, you wrote:
>Question: is there actually trail on the north 
>side of Squaw Creek for the lower 2 miles?  We 
>never saw it when we got to the Papoose Creek 
>confluence.  When we were heading south in 1999 
>we followed the road up until it deadended, then 
>bushwhacked up to the Divide.  It was a very 
>rough bushwhack with lots of blowdowns.  What 
>have other northbound hikers done there?

Yes there is a trail. We found the trail hard to 
locate above the confluence (Wolf 1.5). Took a 
faint trail that gradually got better. The trail 
is obvious about 1/2 mile up as it climbs steeply 
through 8200'. You can see this part of the trail 
about 1/4 mile above the confluence.

>The road walk up Fish Creek is easy and a little 
>shorter than Jonathon indicates.
>At the intersection with Beauty Park Creek, 
>there’s a good campsite up the hill before the 
>creek, easy access to water and the trail up to 
>Beauty Park is at the apex of the curve ­ right 
>where Jonathon’s map WY10, comment 4 places 
>it.  We followed yellow diamond markers for 
>about a mile, then lost the trail in a 
>willow-filled meadow.  The blazes probably 
>turned right; we continued straight and lost the 
>trail.  No big deal.  There was some 
>bushwhacking involved here, but basically, when 
>the trail disappeared, we followed the grassy 
>swath northeast.  In about 10 minutes we found 
>an old logging road heading upstream. Follow it 
>up to Beauty Park and the right turn onto pack 
>trail that’ll take you to the Larkspur Creek 
>drainage.  A question for southbound hikers ­ 
>does the logging road  continue out to the jeep road (30750)?

I don't think it does, but I am a bit confused 
exactly which logging road you are referring to. 
The version of Jonathon's maps I have do not show 
the newer logging roads. The logging roads are 
shown on the 1991 updated Lava Mtn topo. I will 
send a previously prepared map for Beauty Park to 
Ginny and Jim to help clarify the question.


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