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He sent out an email in mid-February saying that he ran out of ink and time to complete all the sets, and that he would get MT and NM in time for nobos and sobos, respectively. From that email, I arrived at two possible conclusions:

1. Those were the ravings of a demented meglomaniac bent on world domination.

2. He'd finish up when he got back in late June.

Either way, I wasn't going to sweat it.

Sly- How'd they turn out?

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Well, I pick him up at the Atlanta airport and gave him a ride to Springer so I got my set.  That was 2/19.  He said he sent them out Media Mail which I've normally found to take about a week but can take up to three, or more.  
Hmmm, now that I remember he he said he send them MM from work and said something about packaging etc.   I was trying to find my way out of the airport, so I'm not exactly sure what he said.
I'd give them another week....
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Has anyone that ordered the set of JL maps from Seth Schumacher received them?  I got an email from him saying they were going out on the 16th, but I still haven't gotten them.  If they're not coming, I need to start printing...

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