[cdt-l] Silver City on Columbus Route?

Ken Powers kdpo at pacbell.net
Thu Mar 1 10:19:58 CST 2007

We found this hitch pretty easy. Marcia was sick the first day out of Silver City, so we took this route back into town. She spent the rest of the day in the motel and I watched the bike races downtown. 

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    The hitch is from Emory Pass and although I didn't try, it's about 40 miles and usually referred to as a hard hitch. 

  I'm all right...   there's another possibility to get to Silver City.  It's a 16 mile hitch on NM 15 which is another 15 miles north (actually west) from NM 35 (Mimbres).  

  Ever get the feeling you're going in circles?  You will.

  Here's a Mapquest Map of the area.  The trail crosses at Emory Pass near the county line, 6 miles north of Mimbres and if I'm not mistaken (haha) north on Pinos Altos.



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