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The  entire "Middle Fork" district of Glacier is open to  backcountry
camping.  You have to get permission from a ranger station  and have
that on your permit but if your miles call for you to have to do  too
much to make the next site they'll give you one.
Sometimes things don't click as quick as they should...   Here's  the 
situation, I'll post my entire itinerary later.
>From the campground near Sperry Chalet to the edge of the Nyack/Coal Creek  
"camping zone" it's 22.1  (or .2 but who's counting).  I'm not sure if  I'll be 
up to such a long day.  So, by what you're saying, I may be able to  get a 
camping permit near the patrol cabin by the Middle Fork?  That  would be nice.
OK, here's what I've come up with and approximate mileage's from Chief  
Mountain.  If anyone sees any potential problems please point them  out.
Chief Mountain to...
Elizabeth Lake 9.8
Poia Lake 10.2
Many Glacier 7.8
Reynolds Creek 14.6
Sperry Chalet 12.6
Patrol Cabin 15.0
Coal Creek ~16.1
Walton (out) 16.0
I was going to ask about getting this permit in advance, but from the  
Glacier NPS website it says "no" to advanced backcountry camping  reservations.  
That's OK, I can wait.

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