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Ginny & Jim Owen spiritbear2k at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 2 22:00:32 CST 2007

Trevor wrote:
>If I wanted to start the CDT in early April

Trevor -
I was hoping someone would answer this, but it looks like nobody wants to 
touch it.  So -
allow me to point out a few historical (hysterical?) facts -

1. There was a general and entirely unwarranted perception last year that 
the snow levels in "Colorado" (meaning Colorado as a whole) were low.  
Reality was that the snow levels in northern Colorado (north of Lake CIty) 
were at least normal - and "high" in some places.  In addition, the snow 
levels in the southern San Juans were not uniformly "low" - there were 
pockets of above-normal snowpack.

2. Given the perception re: Colorado snowpack, a number of people started 
the CDT in early to mid-April.  And then proceeded to hurry through New 
Mexico.  Result: they either wallowed and post-holed their way through the 
"unexpectedly deep" snow in southern Colorado - or walked the lower routes 
rather than the CDT - or tried to flip to another part of the Trail.

3. Ginny and I left the border on Apr 21, didn't leave Cumbres Pass until 
June 4 and had far fewer snow problems through Colorado than those who left 
earlier.  To quote myself - "they had fields of snow, we had fields of 

4. The snow levels for this year (2007) are, so far, closer to normal than 
they were last year.

Now, you're gonna do what you want to do - and draw your own conclusions 
from the above "facts."  I just wonder if you can imagine what my 
conclusions would be?  <G>

Walk softly,

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