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spiritbear2k at hotmail.com writes:

The  traditional "Ray Day" for the south San Juans (Cumbres Pass) in a normal 
snow year is June 15th.

Best bet for leaving Waterton or Chief Mt  in a normal snow year is the last 
week in June....

A  lot of people leave earlier, around June 15, but snow and snow melt 
are  likely to be a problem for the first two weeks.

Yeah, that seems to be the norm the past few years with people entering  
Colorado or starting at Glacier a week or two in advance as it helps take the  
presure off making it either to the end, or out of CO.
>From what I can tell so far, both Glacier and CO are less than normal, but  
it would be remiss to think it's going to be easy going for a couple  weeks.
I'm anxious to start June 15th, but will wait it out a few days  if the 
weather's not ideal.  
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