[cdt-l] Great divide basin Timing

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Sun Mar 4 08:42:49 CST 2007

doug-sue1 at sbcglobal.net writes:

I never knew this about the Great Basin before.  The  information one picks 
up around here is amazing, and most useful!  I  wonder what the average passing 
time thru the Basin is?  
As northbounders, we went through mid July, during an apparent  heatwave, and 
it lived up to it's expectations, hot!  Although flat,  fast and easy, it had 
to be the some of the most severe and demanding  hiking of the entire trail.  
We'd mostly start before dawn, hike til  1PM, siesta'd under Swiss's ground 
cloth til 4 or 5PM and hike again til  dusk.  Still, it was quite beautiful in 
it's own way.  Lots of  wildlife and amazing sunrises and sunsets.
Bring your own shade....   

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