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sly, I'm a slow hiker, under 3 miles an hour, but I can hike all day to make up for it.  Once in awhile I get thinking or shewing about something and it quickens my pace.  Coming into East Yellowstone from Two Medicine I was a bit upset with one of the ladies I was hiking with.  I let the her behind and along the way shouted a black bear off the trail. 

Hiking solo I can set my own pace, stop or start early, and not look  so stupid when I 'm lost.  <Grin> 

Sometime soon I'm going to start putting route together so if and when I get the opportunity I'll be ready to go.  I need more info about Crazy Cook Monument.  That corner looks interesting to me.   I need to start cutting and pasting all the information being posted on this list and put together my own guide book.  


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    You were fortunate to have partners to hike with.  Looks like you had a great time.  The solo LDH can be a bit more challenging.  

  Yes, I was very fortunate to have some great hiking partners.  Ben, Swiss, Luzia, Jeff, Thomas (out for a section) and I started in Columbus and hike to Deming before the others jumped to the CDTA route near Separ so Swiss could meet another in Silver City.  Their route was a bit shorter and they got ahead until we skipped northern NM, which was closed due to drought.  The group eventually caught Ben and me near Leadville, but Jeff had to leave the trail to take care of some business at home.  From Silverhorne, it was me, Ben, Swiss, Luzia and Wandering Bear.  Pappy decided he wanted to hike with us out of Grand Lake.  I thought, great an older guy, I won't be the slowest any more.  Wrong, Pappy was in great shape and I continued to hike sweep.  We were together the rest of the way to Waterton.  

  I know some have problems hiking with groups, but for the most part we were spread out during the day and gathered at breaks and in the evening.  Ironically, hitching was almost easier and many times we all piled into the back of pickups.  Less threatening I suppose.  It also made town stops cheaper splitting motels and splitting taxis back to the trail if need be.

  Although Ben was only going to section hike NM, when we had to jump to CO, he kept adding on a few hundred miles at a time.  Once we reached Canada we returned Cumbres Pass and hiked to Grants.

  As I was then, I'm prepared to hike solo, but imagine I'll be hiking with others, some or all the way.  We'll see.  


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