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Remy Levin fellowship_of_yatzek at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 22:16:56 CST 2007

We generally found the CDT to be colder than the PCT, and southern colorado in sept. to be *much* colder than washington at the same time.

Rod <rbelshee at hotmail.com> wrote: I carried a 20F bag on the PCT and was usually roasting. It was nice in the 
snow areas, but generally overkill.

Should I get a lighter bag for CDT?  Of course temperature recommendation 
for sleeping bags will vary per person, but those who have done both trails 
could probably give a relative recommendation --eg are the needs on the 
trails similar, or or does the CDT need a warmer bag?

I'm considering the Western Mountaining Megalight for most of the trail, and 
swap out to my 20F for the colder spots. But I only want to buy a new bag if 
I'll use it most of the distance; otherwise I'll keep the cash and carry my 
20F the whole way.

Steady Sr. 

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