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Depends on how mobile you are - will you have a rental car? Or are you
looking for a city to hang out in? 

Phoenix the city is probably the most sprawling megopolis of the 3 (if
Vancouver/Seattle/Portland were too much, Phoenix will be WAY too much), but
the Grand Canyon is a 5 hr drive north and there is the superstition
wilderness closer & other desert areas of interest.

>From Albuquerque, you could do day-trips to White Sands, the 4-corners area,
and the Taos/Santa Fe area for some variety. 

>From El Paso, you could also do White Sands, and maybe Big Bend NP... though
I haven't visited myself, I'm told is much prettier in the springtime... but
fall might be nice too? 

Just some random thoughts... 


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I am planning a sobo thruhike this year and I am about
to book an open-jaw flight from and back to Germany. 
On my way to the US I will fly into Spokane because I
have a friend there who will be my trailmanager for
the CDT. 

But I have not yet decided from which US airport I
will fly back to Germany. According to Yogi and a look
at the map there are there airport cities close to the
Southern Terminus:

- El Paso
- Phoenix
- Albuquerque

When I finished the PCT in 04 I had three weeks left
to travel around the US, but after completing a
thruhike nothing could really interest me. The big
cities that I visited like Vancouver, Seattle and
Portland seemed ugly and frightening to me. I want to
avoid that same disappointing experience when I finish
the CDT. 

I will probably have one week between finishing the
CDT and flying back to Germany. In that week I want to
be in a nice and relaxed city and maybe visit a
National Park close by.

Flight prices are pretty much the same for all three
airport cities - with a trans-Atlantic flight it does
not really matter which airport I will depart from. 

So which of the three cities would you consider best
in respect of getting a last nice impression before
going home to Europe? 

Thanks for any advice for stupid German Tourists...

German Tourist

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