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Great interview.  What a crazy sadistic lifestyle you leave "together."
Looks like I have the days off for the ADZPCTKO.  Now just need to find a cheap flight.
====> sidewinder

ps ---> doesn't look like I am getting out to the Butte to shred any nard this season

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CDT-ler´s, Greetings from snowy Crested Butte!  I hope you all are well and 
getting ready for the hiking season.  I know I am.

In 2006, the Princess of Darkness and I hiked the CDT southbound from Canada 
to Mexico . . . and when we got to Chama, New Mexico . . . some 1,860 miles 
into the trip . . . we stopped in for breakfast and a quick resupply.  
P.O.D. popped her head in the 1st building that we came to after we got 
dropped off from hitching from Cumbres Pass . . . and that building happened 
to be the local radio station for Chama . . . KZRM 95.9 FM  
(http://www.kzrmradio.com/) and she just happened to ask the station 
manager, Scott, where a good place to eat breakfast in Chama was.   5 
minutes later we were on the air getting interviewed by Joe "Misfit Joe" 
Pagels about our hike on the CDT.  This interview was just converted to 
digital by my good friend Paul "Lester" Brucke and he posted it on his 
website here:


It´s pretty funny and Fina´s Diner was good and is highly recommended to all 
CDT 07`hikers.  Chama is a nice town but can be a hard hitch.  When in 
Chama, stop into KZRM during 9 AM-1PM when Misfit Joe is on the air and give 
him a shout out!

Best, Disco

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