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I just received this email...

Hey. Just got your message.

Please pass this message along.

      I did indeed send the maps on the 16th via media mail. The post  
office said 3 weeks maximum delivery time, longer on international. If  
no one has received a set yet, I'd advise those leaving soon to start  
printing their own. I'll try and get ahold of my old boss and see if  
he's received anything from the PO concerning delivery, but I know for  
sure I sent them. I am heading home from the trail for a little while,  
I need to rethink my strategy, it just isn't feeling right. I'll do my  
best to see this clears up. I can certainly provide refunds to those  
that request it, but it will have to bee soon, as I won't be home for  
very long before returning to the AT. Sorry if this has become more  
trouble than good. I may have totaly screwed up, and I apologize to  
all if that is the case.

Good Luck and Happy Trails

Seth "Osprey" Schumacher

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