[cdt-l] How are the bugs for the Nobo on the CDT?

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Mon Mar 19 14:25:29 CDT 2007

You'll go insane... bring the bug netting - or at least have it in a drop
box. When they were bad (for me in the Anaconda Pintlers), they never really
went away - maybe a little better in the early morning (they were also
spotty - on a windy ridge top in the Anaconda Pintlers they weren't a
problem at all). That said, the worst of the bugs will probably be from
early July until mid August. After that, you can probably switch your gear a
bit... you'll probably know when is the right time.


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Therefore, ASSUMING YOU HIKE UNTIL 8-9PM, when the temps are cooling off,
could you camp without full bug protection in July (and not go insane)? 

I understand that some like to camp between 4-8pm and that a fully-enclosed
shelter is highly useful during those hours. But if you camp after 8pm, is
it really necessary since the temps cool off at night? 

Did CDTers notice hordes of mosquitoes on their bug netting at 9pm? If so,
did this go on for weeks or just one or two bad nights? 

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